Hi, I’m Leo Jones.  I would like to introduce some very inspirational, encouraging and uplifting poetry.

While in seminary the Lord blessed me with the gift of writing poetry. I was supposed to speak at an event where everyone was supposed to recite original works of poetry. I was expected to perform poetry that I had written.  I remember going home and saying to the Lord. “Lord I don’t know how to write poetry, I don’t even like poetry, I never liked poetry.”  I proceeded to put something together just so I would not be the only person not presenting original works of poetry. As I sat at my computer I remember my first attempt at a poem. It was called: “The Lord is my Hightower, he is with me every hour”………..from that point on I knew that the Lord had given me the gift of writing poetry.

The Lord blessed me with a gift I feel compelled to share with you.

Currently, I have three books of poetry available through amazon.com.
and also through Barnes & Noble

You may access these books through the following links:




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    • John,

      Thank you for you feedback. Stay tuned to our website. Soon I will have a couple of audio readings of some of my work on the website.
      You may also visit Amazon.com through the link on my webpage and peruse my books.

      thanks again John


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